Routine for Results

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Recovered at present the advantages of dynamic plans and to collect ideas and suggestions of employees in companies, an activity that is very important and enriching, following three scenarios we have seen within one week. We have found the one hand, business people who do not believe that is possible to help generate ideas or proposals, they think that good ideas just suddenly appear by chance. While this may be so ever, it's a really small percentage of cases, when it is accompanied by a dynamic approach to focus or attention to an idea, concept, or specific problem. Through dynamic or routine meetings of groups of people together to provide a system that is getting people to collaborate obtain surprising results. Secondly, we have met with a potential client, that providing the right people, a good environment and a good position in the global market, has no right to address certain types of activities routines, so it takes several unfinished years starting with them. Third, we note the el article in a mediawith reference to genius of a past time more or less recent, and identifying as common to them all, they had a routine, a certain order, which may or may not be right for a company, but there must be if we get results that others do not get. 

This concept is basic routine for continuous improvement, and the channeling of creativity in business, and especially in Kaizen, Lean and Scrum systems, where if you delete or not you have a certain routine order for medium groups or large, in addition to availability without notice to meet in groups of a few people, is very complicated progress of the organizations or companies. Tell us about your cretive contribution deployment and management of input and ideas into the company.

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