Savings in Business Intelligence

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The companies deciding to go beyond the definition of processes in ISO 9001 or similar type, trying to enter the so called Business Intelligence (BI), have a much greater chance of success. It's about collecting the company know how, very often held by its employees, transferring it to processes and references of the company, so that ensures that much of the contribution and value of people, does not go away when they go to the competition or just change company or work.

The advantages of doing so are obvious, and if not, there is more to look at multinational service companies to identify they are based on two key concepts, the business model and the BI. What tends to be less obvious is the economic quantification of the profitability of starting this type of program or project, good article the one published by Miguel Angel Casquero of Idiogram. This assessment, based on the time commitment, however , seems limited. We moved here a vision of broader BI, as well as information , which makes it powerful is the embodiment of the information and processes for use in a more advanced level of service and / or technology, depending on sectors, resulting in increased profitability and ability to compete permanently in this globalized world. This is why ultimately always necessary that the BI is managed in a company at a certain hierarchical level, functional and security or protection, usually forming a department that encompasses the "secrets" of the companies, which SMEs can be critical but also more flexible in it including other aspects or functions. The goal, ensure that the company protects , maintains , uses, and improves its know-how , which is one of the most important keys to prosperity, and for this it is usual to have an external advisory or consulting company, as like ATEC+ID.

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