Software, yes or no to patents?

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Whether the software is, or should be patentable or not, has to be debated throughout the developed world, as in the European Union, which since 2005 are restricted patents "computer software", or inventions implemented in the computer. Not Allowed implementations of known activities, and are fully supported solutions to technical problems, not to be confused with the result of the software. Now, in New Zealand (see news in ver noticia en el mundo), have been banned software patents except in very exceptional as inducing or launch new hardware development. The origin of these approaches is that software patents end up preventing almost any development or implementation, as recorded often obvious aspects or simply transfer to computer known processes, etc., and therefore it is difficult to make any development without violating any existing patents. The big advantage to prohibit the patenting of software development is that it encourages the development much more widespread and innovative thereof and providing security to software development and procedures of any company that wants to develop and run their own software. The aggrieved party will be individuals or small businesses that can not protect their inventions in respect of large corporations. There are countries where it is not expected that this approach is successful, as the U.S. or Canada where the concept of what is patentable and patents are entrenched, or India, where thousands of them are generated. Clearly there are two opinions, those who generate it, and those who use it to develop, and both have their purpose, but certainly, the activity that seems to generate greater savings and wealth is the second one.

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