Spain Looks For Energy Resources

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Spain is Lookinf For Energy Resources that cill allow to maintain its economy sustainability and the so called "wellbeing state". The projects underway are given from the Basque Country, Canary Islands, passing by Andalusia.

Spain is more dependent on oil than other European countries, especially because it has very little nuclear, and has to burn natural gas in combined cycle plants in which in addition coal has been reduced due to CO2 emissions.

We have seen in recent years how nothing is free, renewable energy maintains an unsustainable cost, the necessary investments require financing capacity that does not exist and the impact on energy prices put the electricity in Spain at prices higher than the average of other European countries, leaving Spain out of international competitiveness in any sector also generating unemployment. The price of electricity has only climbed since mid-2004, as a "free rise" which means that it is unclear to what price it will rise or stops stable. Meanwhile, demand has continued to rise, which has slowed only slightly in 2011 but as the prices do not depend on demand because are global prices, the difference being opened with the strongest economies makes it cost us pay an even higher price because in the case of other countries this increase has occurred (but not in our measure), as is the case of Germany and the UK. Spain had a lower electric industrial price than Germany (for example) at the beginning of the century, but in very few years we have gone to get one of the most expensive in Europe and well above average for residential sector. 

But certainly the most worrying is that you want to take neither the one nor the other, a family that paid € 30 for the electric bill a few years ago, does not want to pay 200 € and on the other hand, the oil energy generates opposition in certain groups advocating renewables, but not wanting to pay its cost. Controversial crossroads, but the need for feasibility is stubborn and indicates that we have to get a cheaper energy supply and security of supply, which leads us to conclude that any collection of cheap energy sources is a success for this country, both medium and long term.


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