Spain Needs to Reindustrialize

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Excellent article that was published in "el confidencial" (the confidential) about the need for Spain to reindustrialize , subject that we have defended repeatedly, and we wanted to act out as the boat moves in the storm. Spain has destroyed much more industry than in other European countries in the heart of the European Union, where it is working perfectly. It is true to note that environmental and technological standards in general tend to be higher in those countries, where all are perfectly profitable. One of the key issues is that those companies in Spain have become owned by foreign groups in the last 15 years, and also for a long time, here, we have tended to criticize and make life difficult for the industry where so many jobs and satisfactions has given. In Spain we are very "... have it removed!" rather than think positive and say "How can we make the industry supports us?". Has also been performed for many years a consistent and persistent defense of things that should be protected but are not efficient or profitable, or bring wealth to the country, and without that, we can not recover the salary levels and acquisitive past years, and we refer among other things, aid to sectors that do not generate wealth but are a much higher cost of return you can get to give, accumulating debt. Congratulations Article.

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