Subsidies for Carbon & Steel and RFCS 2014

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There have already been calls for European subsidies and Carbon Steel RFCS 2014,it's a pity that with such a short deadline to apply, and which expires on September 15. You can obtain more information and access using our Grants and Subsidies link in, but do not forget you must obtain a username and password for it.

The RFCS for Metallurgy are organized by technology or technological fields, where a group of industry experts assesses initiatives. Unlike other programs, it is managed by the industry itself, grants ranging up to 60% of costs. Spain has no leader or group leader, but has several members in them, almost from the beginning, however, and even more weight assigned to it, is perhaps the absence of decision-making bodies of the most important groups what subtraction presence, something that is also hinted in 2012 to commemorate the first 10 years of life of these funds, and in the absence of Spaniards ULCOS projects to achieve lifecycle steel with lower GHG emissions.

Hopefully our companies get good grants.