Subsidies for Innovation, and for Environmental Investments

Category: Photography & Branding

Maturities are already coming to apply various grants in innovation and environmental investments from Europe to the EEA program until October 4, to the Basque Country with grants to investments in environmental protection until October 3, through the promoting entrepreneurship in Castilla La Mancha hasta September 30. Interesting initiatives can be found in our "Ask Grants and Subsidies" which can be seen in the menu "Start" once you log in to our website, when we assigned a username and password, after your request for an account . This service is up to date and maintain access to registered users free of charge for 3 months, permanently in the case of customers.

In our home menu you can find these indications, but access to consultation is only as indicated, ask user and password identified (our system rejects the absence of a logical identification). If you have questions send us your comments.

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