Subvenciones para Inteligencia Competitiva

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We highlight these subsidies which have been published by the Diputacón from Guipúzcoa, because it is a field in which there are great development opportunities, not only for companies in this province but for Spain as a whole. Competitive intelligence is what in English is called business intelligence (BI), and focuses on collecting all the knowledge of the organization, which especially lies in its people, and along with data, can identify interactions and processes to outstrip a company in its sector, whether national or international. BI activities required to develop dynamic that include people, information and processes modeled as the eventual goal is to move the processes, structure and organization of a company, knowledge and generally more advanced than what you have, or identify what you want to have to achieve through agreements, partnerships, purchases, etc. This field, in many cases, is accompanied by what is called R & D + i, and in the end may end up generating new knowledge or designing new processes, etc.

We were glad to see these at some grants, which promote interaction of different companies or organizations which have been called "clusters" is also a way to promote what is actually the generation of strong groups or large companies with strong and advanced offerings.

Do not forget that although ATEC+ID can not be a partner in the application of these grants (all subsidies here), not being based in Guipúzcoa, it can be outsourced to carry out training, promotion, motivation, etc, what is BI, what BI can mean for a company, and to assist in defining and structuring these activities, activities that are a key to competitive success. It is surprising that this area remains an area not worked for many companies, and is key to understanding the situation in the market and anticipate and plan for successful actions.

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