Time Change and Time Situation

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Last weekend (24-25 October) and every 6 months, and therefore each year, when we change our clocks during the night. Always the same questions, which translate into questions such as should we hasten or delay it? We sleep an hour or so?, which we consider as a Schedule to change tradition, but from the overall perspective of the "average" world already appreciate "advanced" that gives equal the time change because their phones Smart and changing time alone. What we are is we're not sure if you also ayudana your body adapt to the change.

On the other hand, why should we change the hour? according to authorities, the energy savings generated makes it worthwhile. Each household will save an average of 6 €, according to the Ministry of Industry assures, to which must be added the savings of enterprises in morning lighting and savings of public administration and services, an hour before dawn. All this translates into a 5% saving lighting.

Note that the time change is not something new to our day, since it was introduced during the oil crisis of 1974, and in the eighteenth century, Benjamin Franklin and urged him, because the dawn before they could seize an hour sun and save the consumption of 1 h of oil. This idea was implemented also during World War II, when Germany and the USA implemented to reduce energy costs.

Another recurring question, and increasingly repeated, is why we use the Central European Time? if most of the country lies west of the meridian of Greenwich, whose services coincide with the UK and Portugal (one hour less than ours) our interest in something? Well, not really, the origin of this adaptation time is in the Second World War, May 2, 1942, during a political approach.


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