TWI and In-Company Training

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Training is key for a company to develop its activity without compromising quality, both internal and external, as well as efficiency in its operations and processes. When new requirements or opportunities appear, you need to make an effort to identify what internal needs, and what training needs or general training are revealed, because failure to do so would be assuming an unknown learning curve slope, as well as the occurrence of errors and inefficiencies. Do we really realize that we assume this?, and are we taking it for good? Do we know the cost is for both our personal and company reputation?

It is possible to identify real clear cases that have appeared and are appearing about training needs, for example the upgrade to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, the GDPs by pharmaceutical companies, and especially transportation companies, as new additions to LEAN Six Sigma and Lean, and we could indentify countless cases.

TWI (Training Within Industry) is associated with LEAN, and especially Lean Manufacturing in their approach to the need for middle managers with LEAN management capabilities, as these capabilities are different from the usual or traditional management plant. However, today there is a tendency to merge what is called In Company Training, or training in company with the concept or goal of TWI, to extend this idea to any middle management and even recently installed department directors, and provide training and assistance in adaptation to management styles, styles which can be LEAN, ISO 9001:2015, or others.

Ask us for In-Company training programmes, are certainly very interesting.

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