Why some multinationals break the law or the ISO 9001 about their products and services warranty terms?

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It is really astonishing and also extrange to confirm that repeatedly and continuously some multinationals linked specially to mobile phones, tablets, and ICT (though not only them), that repeatidly break the european law and/or the ISO 9001, that some say to comply with and even to be certified, with respect to products and services warranty. The european legislation is clear establishing 2 years as the warranty period for non-perishable equipment or products, as these are, for them also it is established other requirements like that there must be spare parts during the following 5 years to the manufacturing year, or that any claim before 6 months identifies an intrinsic defect of the product. Moreover, as a difference with the year 2003 legislation, the repairing responsibilit is derived to the vendor so, not to the manufacturer. It is evident the manufacturer needs comercial agreements with vendors, if it wants to sell their products. This type of multinational (and others) were admonishing of these continuous irregularities but it seems that it is more profitable not to comply, but what is the main target of the ISO 9001? Answer: The customer satisfaction. It is simple, to say a product warranty is one year, is simply not to comply with legislation, and so also to seriously violate, and knowing, the ISO 9001 in case it is certified. One of the cases are the mobile phones, tablets, etc breakdown since usually there is no way to repair it because there are not spare parts so we find the same. If there is a legislation in Europe that is not met, Why is not enforced? Why final users are not clearly informed, also companies? In which manner should final users conduct? What's the risk of a vendor or dealer in Spain, of a non european manufacturer? No doubt there are a lot and important questions, which also are crucial for different actors, so we shouldn't forget these issues, comments are wellcome.

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