The Wind Energy Breaks a New Record and doubles the Nuclear

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The wind broke Wednesday January 16 daily production record and became the country's main energy source, to generate electricity more than twice the second major technology, nuclear.
According to data from Spain's Red Electrica (REE), wind power production stood at 345,011 megawatt hours (MWh), representing more than 10,161 MWh in the previous record, set the April 18, 2012.
This amount represents almost 40% of all net electricity generation in Spain yesterday, consisting of 865,000 GWh from both renewable and conventional technologies such as nuclear, combined cycle, the cargón or hydraulics.


In fact, the wind was more than double the 152,000 MWh in the second main technology of the day, nuclear, and several times more than the 75,000 MWh of hydro, coal 92,000 MWh and 71,000 MWh of combined cycle gas.
To achieve the new record, participating in wind power electricity production exceeded yesterday for more than 10 hours of 14,000 MW, while this technology came to mobilize nearly 15,000 megawatts (MW) at 23.30 last night.
These 15,000 MW equivalent to 67% of the total wind power installed, which according to the National Energy Commission (CNE) was about 22,280 MW by the end of 2012.
Wind energy was as high as in the early hours of January 16 this morning as contribution rates to cover the demand of up to 60%.

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