The World Iron&Steel Sector Grows, The Spanish Reduces

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Steel production grows globally, lowers in Europe and sinks in Spain. The Chinese and Indian steel industry is growing at 9.1% and 2.9% respectively, while Europe fell by 5.4% and 17.3% Spanish. The European steel industry problems have not changed, so each passing day the situation is getting worse, and exports are not viable for the strong euro.

While in Europe solutions are not provided and other decisions are taken, there will be more and more facilities closing, unlike in America, where they are strengthening, opening and building new rolling mills, clear evidence that the problem is not the level of development.

In Spain, the decision-making capacity may directly influence the price of electricity, which is a key competitive sector, along with the aforementioned of the euro itself, but this second decision does not depend on the country.

Spain production has fallen by 28% in the period 2007 to 2013, a drop that has various interpretations, one of which is the construction crisis affecting the production of corrugated and structural shapes, another is the relocation of production to Asia and the United States.

It seems that the production could be recovered to levels of 14.4 to 16 million tons with the recovery from the current crisis, but it also seems that it will be difficult to regain the levels reached in the vicinity of 17.5 to 19 million tonnes in the years 2004-2008, as this would require a return to a level relevant construction activity, which is not expected in the medium term.

In these terms, R&R&innovation is key, especially innovation, not just to equal german or japaneesse ratios, but to overcome them. 

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