Your Online Store, your Output Market

Your Online Store, your Output Market

According to the INE, 37% of Spanish organizations with more than 250 employees, has e-commerce offering, a percentage that drops to 16% for SMEs of between 10 and 50 employees, as set forth in Expansión this article>It also asserts that bring an online store requires being aware of the latest technological resources to ensure an effective customer service, and take control of the stock. Forget that idea, with ATEC+ID and Prestashop can overcome any obstacle and manage your online store simple, effective and efficient way, and all the technology disponinedo.

Our online store solutions, based on Prestashop, eliminate the technical complexity for the user and meet the requirements of electronic commerce, and also control the stock of suppliers, orders, etc ... and moreover, our customer can choose different aspects of means of payment, maintenance, languages, etc, but with a big difference compared to other providers, we charge for our client packages choose or want. Managing an online store, requiring only the attention of the seller, if you sell a lot a lot, and "low" if you sell short, and also can set alerts to warn of mail consultation, purchase, etc.
In our experience, we found all kinds of cases, companies do everything they want, companies that only want to run sales, stock control, etc., but do not want to upload the web content (photos, texts, etc) , who released their first online store, etc.
If you want to get your online internet shop contact us, we are happy to assist you.
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