ATEC+ID Training

ATEC + ID Training offers training courses in a wide range of content and modalities, to suit the needs of all companies or individuals, using the latest technologies. We also offer online training as a global company and services, which you can take especially in English or Spanish.

Each type of training is tailored to different types of targets, please tell us and we will recommend the best options. Take advantage of our offers by content, number of courses that you want to hire, type of training, etc. Training needs are nowadays more necessary than ever because,

If you are looking for

Professional EMPATHY




  • The evolution of job contents are very fast, for example, the evolution of quality systems to new approaches, systematics and standards, and similar in all sectors and tasks. This evolution is difficult to follow by professionals deeply involved in daily business activity.
  • Companies identify needs for change, but often employees are not prepared for it, both for technical aspects as well as aspects of vision of new realities, environments and technologies that need to be taken for reasons of competitiveness, etc.
  • The promotion of professionals within the company itself may have advantages, but for a rapid adaptation in terms of responsibility or in terms of performance, it is also common the need of un upgrade focused in acquisition of knowledge and abilities. 
  • When a person, student or profesional needs a change or incorporated into a new environment, you should anticipate a preparation to this new reality, allowing some convenience with respect to new concepts to manage, through a specific training that allow this adaption is satisfactory.

​If you can not find the type of training you are looking for, both due to content type or modality, ask us, we are used to prepare customized training.

The Online Training offer that we present lets you take your courses wherever you are, many of these courses include an App that you can download from internet shops for iOS or Android, and in addition to the portal itself you access the course from usual PC or laptop, and in other cases you will have access from mobile directly to a responsive website.

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