In-Company Training

From ATEC+ID, we move to your training facilities our highest level resources, adapted to your needs and dynamics.

We offer a wide variety of content, ready to transfer to your professionals all the value they need for effective and efficient performance of their jobs contents.

We can offer very personalized training packages, but

Which are the benefits running an In-company training?

Link training to business 50%
Professional, structured and competitive content development, knowledge transfer 60%
Understand and overcome learner weak points, and strengthen strengths 70%
Continuity and advance in the learning process 80%
Customization in terms of duration, content, focus, etc 90%
Delivered by specialists consultants  100%

In-Company training is easy to run and gets big impacts, you only need to create the contents or even let us create the contents and assist you. You are free to decide the duration, the venue, and we will assist you with anything needed.

Measuring the degree of success of a training program is essential to achieve the desired results, and to enable improvements in subsequent sessions. Trainers can carry out specific and thematic contents assessments of attendees. These may include:
  • Pre-course questionnaires and exercises
  • Contests and other evaluations during the training delivery
  • Post-training questionnaires, evaluations, marked results, review
  • Personalized coaching one-on-one if needed
  • Measuring Results
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