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For products and brands to succeed in the market, you are first required well-planned marketing strategies to ensure they meet the objectives set by the Corporate Marketing Strategy or Business Unit and Geographic Strategy. Given the constantly evolving nature of the online world, with the development of new channels more often, and with the audience looking for new sources of online content, the Digital Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of Sales and Marketing. The courses offered in this section follow the hierarchical structure shown in section Marketing Strategy courses, and seek to develop and confirm a working knowledge of the framework for the effective management of the marketing strategy of any organization. Based on the SMstudy® Guide, recognized by major companies around the world, four certification levels are offered. This course has been created from the body of knowledge of more than 40 experts in marketing strategy.

  • Recognized by the world's leading companies
  • Associate level certification free
  • Four levels of certification available
  • Created from collective knowledge of more than 40 experts in marketing.

Audience Profile

This certification is suitable for anyone who wants to advance in content Digital Marketing.


The certifications are structured into four levels

  • Associate Level: For Beginners
  • Professional Level: For experienced professionals from 0 to 3 years
  • Specialist Level: For professionals with more than 3 years experience
  • Expert Level: For senior professionals with over 5 years experience

The Certification Body of these courses in the field of Digital Marketing, is SMstudy®, a global certification body in Sales and Marketing.

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