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Marketing Research




The group of Marking Research certifications follows thereof shown structure as in Marketing Strategy section, and as in other Marketing specialities, which in this case provides a framework to learn or advance in the performance of marketing research, which deals with the analysis of Sales and Marketing.

Marketing research is the systematic process of collecting, processing and analyzing data to provide the necessary decisions must be made to information. These certifications we offer you here, confirm that you have a working knowledge framework on the development of market research effectively, to provide key insights for decision-making for the rest of the planning and marketing strategy.
  • It is based on the second book of the SMstudy® Guide, Marketing Research.
  • Recognized by the largest companies in the world.
  • Free Certification Marketing Research Associate level.
  • Four levels of certification available.
  • Created from the views of more than 40 experts in marketing research.

Target Audience

These certifications are part of the Sales & Marketing circuit.

Marketing Strategy


The certifications are structured into four levels

  • Associate Level: For Beginners
  • Professional Level: For experienced professionals from 0 to 3 years
  • Specialist Level: For professionals with more than 3 years experience
  • Expert Level: For senior professionals with over 5 years experience


The Certification Body of these courses in the field of Digital Marketing, is SMstudy®, a global certification body in Sales and Marketing.

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