Online Training Courses

Online Training Courses

In this mode we offer courses certified by ATEC+ID or other globally accredited entities which also provide appropriate certification of courses, as,,,, VMEdu, and others. Each course presents the certification authority and in the case of particular certifications exams, it is also explained in detail. This should not worry you, because we have extensive experience, and you will be able to prepare and pass the certification exams. The exams are online exams.

Courses in English and Spanish

All the courses are offered in English, and just some are available in Spanish, you will see this is always specified. It 's maybe the moment to get trained in a diferent language, and you take with you some more value, what about it?

Online courses, App and responsive web

Most of the courses include a mobile App you can download from web stores for iOS and Android, which you can use for the course wherever you are, and in the case of courses without App, you can access using your mobile phone through a responsive website.

Prices & Additional

To be able to determine the price of your choice, please use the contact form, we need to know basically:

  • ​¿Do you want to receive the material physically, if available? If so, please provide an address.
  • After finishing your course ¿Do you want us to send you the certificate physically, or is it enough with a pdf file (0 €)?
  • ¿Are you an individual who wants one course, or a company asking for multiple courses?
  • These courses are usually completed in 180 days, please be sure to look at that.
  • In addition there may be unpublished promotions, or about to be published.

Apart from that, the basic prices shown in each course are valid.

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